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Hancom KeyManager

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Hancom KeyManager is the Enterprise Key Management Solution complying with Key Management Interoperability Protocol(KMIP). Hancom KeyManager can automatically manage the key lifecycle from creation to destruction and securely store & manage the key in Hardware Security Module(HSM).

Enterprise Key Management Solution complying with Key Management Interoperability Protocol (KMIP)

Main Functions

Key Features

  • Technical skills
  • - The only company in Korea enrolled in Sponsor Member of OASIS & member of the OASIS KMIP TC(Technical Committee)
  • - Qualified for the KMIP v1.2/1.3/1.4 Interoperability tested by OASIS
  • - Technical development in cooperation with ETRI which is a Korean government-funded leading research institution.
  • Complying with Domestic and Global standard
  • - Comply with the Key Management Interoperability Protocol(KMIP)
  • - Comply with the Key Management standard guide of National Institute of Standards and Technology(NIST) & Korea Internet & Security Agency(KISA)
  • Interoperability
  • - Support various key types (Symmetric Key, Asymmetric Key, Secret Data, Certificate, and others.)
  • - Support encryption keys management without extra effort, in case of KMIP supported solutions
  • - Support encryption keys management by interlocking Client SDK, in case of KMIP unsupported
  • Easy for management
  • - Easy to build a solution as appliance type
  • - Easy to add/remove systems to the Key Manager Cluster in service
  • High availability
  • - Support Duplexing and Multiplexing (Real-time synchronize the Key data)
  • - Support Auto Synchronize the changed key data when the server failed
  • Cloud Support
  • - Powered on Cloud (AWS, Azure) infrastructure
  • - Support Interoperability Azure IoT Hub’s “Chain of Trust”

Expected Effects

Use Cases


GDPR Compliance / Data Privacy

Device Authentication, Certificate Management

Embedded Devices Manufacturer
Secure Update(FOTA&SOTA), Device Authentication

Software Company
Secure Code Signing / Secure Update(FOTA&SOTA)

Smart City / Automobile Company
Manage and Protect Smartphone-based Digital keys


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