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With Hancom MDS as your partner, you will be the one who captivates customers with leading-edge technologies and value-added solutions.

A Partner for You

Our business partners come from companies small and large.
Hancom MDS focuses on the potential of each partner and hopes to grow with you.

We provide differentiated services for each partner. We offer marketing and technical support to become number one company in Korea and global market together. Likewise, we always make the best partnership with you.

Advantages of being a Hancom MDS Business Partner

Foundation of Mutual Success

With Hancom MDS, you will achieve new levels of success in Korea and the global world.

Marketing & Technical Support

Marketing support

Our professional marketers will bring together an incredible synergy effect for your business.

  • Seminars
  • Exhibition
  • Website
  • Newsletter
  • Direct mailing
  • Advertisements
  • Press Releases
Technical support

Differentiate your business with specialized engineering services and consulting from our experts.

  • Technical trainings
  • Software engineering services
  • System Integration
  • Software/hardware development
  • Porting to platforms and customer hardware

Extensive Customer Network

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