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TestExplorer® is 100% automated testing solution for Android application based on GUI which is available in entire development process from development to verification.


  • Auto creation of GUI tree
  • - GUI auto scanning
  • - Generate graphical GUI Tree
  • - Extract widget information of each GUI and execute widget
  • - Provide options for detailed exploration and user designated events
  • - History management of the created GUI Tree
  • Automatic generation and execution of test scripts
  • - Automatic creation of the test script compatible with JUnit
  • - Provide regression test
  • - Provide a variety of options for test scripts
  • Test report
  • - Automatic error detection and provide reproduction procedure for fault analysis
  • - Provide Android system logs and screenshots

  • Produce performance improvement information
  • - Profiling data (CPU, memory, thread, etc.)
  • - Event response time
  • - Code coverage report (Line, method, etc.)
  • Aging test
  • - Conduct the random aging test
  • - Unlimited testing by the automatic restart
  • - Provide the reproduction procedure


A comparison to other solutions about features

Random Record-and-Replay TestExplorer
Feature Creation and Execution with random events Creation and Execution with the test cases of recording data by interaction between user and app Auto creation of GUI Tree Creation and Execution of Test Script Random Aging Test
Crash Detection O X O
Regression Testing X O O
Creation of Test Scripts X Manual Automatic
Reproduction for bug crash X O O
Measure for response time X X O
Profiling Information X X O
Code Coverage X X O
Usage Simple Complication Simple

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